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Having strong local teams and a local presence is crucial for success, it helps to build trust and credibility with customers and other local stakeholders and enables GreenGold to stay agile, responsive, and relevant in each market

The GreenGold Group is a dynamic and entrepreneurial organization. The founder team has a history in the private equity environment with many previous successful “GreenGold” funds and companies, dating back to 2007, before establishing current GreenGold group of companies. The team has for more than a decade provided investment management services with integrated forest property management through its own closed-end funds and managed accounts, mainly for global institutional investors. Harvard Management Company in the US was the largest client for many years. The team has managed assets worth more than 1 billion EUR and forest holdings in excess of c. 200,000 ha and has completed several investment cycles with an annualised return of over 20 % per year. At the heart of the group is a Swedish parent company and small senior management team that drives the overall strategy and vision of the organization together with the board of directors. The Group is characterised by a transparent and straight corporate structure.

To achieve its goals, the GreenGold Group has established several wholly owned subsidiaries, which hold all of the Group’s Forest properties. These subsidiaries are currently located in seven different European countries, providing the group with a strong local presence and the ability to work closely with communities and stakeholders in each market. The group is supported by dedicated teams in each country, staffed with some of the best forest professionals in Europe.

The local presence and people are absolute key to GreenGold’s success, forest property markets are very local, each country with its own set of legislation, rules and market dynamics.

Visiting address:
Kungsgatan 29 (7th floor)

Mailing address:
Box 7331, SE 103 90