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Share structure

GreenGold Group AB (G3X) is a Swedish public (publ) company which has a broad European ownership base with approx. 200 owners from 15 countries, and a significant ownership by management of the Company.

The Company has two categories of shares, A and B, with different voting power.
A shares – GreenGold management team only
1 share = 10 voting rights
B shares – ordinary shares
1 share = 1 voting right
A and B shares carry equal rights towards GreenGold’s assets and profits.

Primary preferential rights for both A and B shareholders in case of capital increase, pro-rata to the number of shares previously owned in their respective class of shares

G3X’s shareholder register is administrated by The Swedish Central Securities Depository (Euroclear Sweden). Name: GREENGOLD, ISIN: SE0014583647

Number of outstanding shares as per: 30 June 2023

A shares: 1,076,659

B shares: 9,291,941

Total: 10,368,600


The Company has been paying dividends since 2020. The Company’s aim is to pay a majority of operational profit as regular dividends twice a year.

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Largest 10 shareholder/shareholder groups as per 30 June 2023 (% of outstanding A and B shares)

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* GreenGold management team controls 55.4% of votes, through A-shares

Visiting address:
Kungsgatan 29 (7th floor)

Mailing address:
Box 7331, SE 103 90