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Our forest acquisition and management perspective is based on a buy-to-hold-forever timeline

Founded by a group of passionate and dedicated forestry professionals, GreenGold’s mission is to provide an attractive green investment through long-term, sustainable and profitable forest ownership that delivers predictable risk-adjusted returns over time.

We use the latest practices to manage our forests in a way that promotes their long-term health and vitality. We work closely with local communities and organizations to develop sustainable forestry plans that balance the needs of the environment with the economic and social needs of the communities that depend on our forests.

We harvest and market our wood without long-term fibre supply commitments. This enables us to choose the best possible timing of timber sales in order to secure the best possible returns on our wood.

Visiting address:
Kungsgatan 29 (7th floor)

Mailing address:
Box 7331, SE 103 90