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As a large European private forest owner, the size and geographical location of the assets provide the Company with potential to develop new business opportunities, such as renewable energy installations

At GreenGold we are committed to sustainable practices that benefit the environment and our communities. As a forest company, we recognize the importance of preserving our natural resources for future generations. That’s why we are exploring the potential for renewable energy projects on our land. At this stage the Company does not intend to develop its own generation capacity but rather partner with established players for construction on its land through with lease and profit share agreements. Our focus is on three main types of renewable energy: wind power, solar power, and hydro power. By harnessing the power of the wind, sun, and water, we aim to generate clean, renewable energy that reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and reduces our carbon footprint.

Wind power

Wind power projects utilize wind turbines to generate electricity, which can be fed into the grid to power homes and businesses. The Company owns many land plots well-suited for wind power, with strong and consistent wind patterns that make it ideal for generating clean energy. A number of option agreements have been signed for wind power development in the UK. In Finland there are ongoing discussions with a handful of wind power developers for projects on the Company’s land.

Solar power

Solar power projects convert sunlight into electricity through the use of photovoltaic panels. This technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, making it more cost-effective and accessible than ever before. Certain areas in the Baltics and southern Romania are currently being assessed for solar power projects.

Hydro power

projects harness the energy of moving water to generate electricity. Our land has a number of streams and rivers that could be used for hydro power projects, offering a reliable and sustainable source of energy.

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